For Rent

J. Verhulststraat 159 D Amsterdam

152 m2 / 3 bedrooms / roof-terrace / balcony / Project page

J. Verhulststraat 159 A Amsterdam

225 m2 / 4 bedrooms / garden / balcony / Project page

R. Vinkeleskade 64 D Amsterdam

2 bed / 1 bath / 120 m2 / roof terrace / See on Funda

J. Verhulststraat 159 B-C Amsterdam

165 m2 / 4 bedrooms / 3 balconies / let

P. Lastmankade D Amsterdam

216 m2 / 2 bedrooms / roof terrace & terrace / let

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We don't just lease our apartments, but select, renovate and maintain them, providing a personal service offering local knowledge.
Residential Property Development
Our Approach

Zebru began in 2003, with just a few select properties in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid. Since then, through careful investment, satisfied clients and a continued commitment to quality, we have steadily grown to become the property developer of choice for an increasing number of clients, many of whom are expat professionals with families.

Our commitment to quality extends both to the materials we use (all our properties are stripped and renovated) as well as the service we provide. Katelijn, our front-end facilitator, lives locally and can always be reached to answer any queries clients or their families may have – about the apartment, the neighbourhood and local facilities.

Daily Management

General director and co-founder Lucia Kalb is responsible for the daily management, long-term strategy and financial structure of Zebru. Two personal passions that she draws on in this function are programming and art. Gaining a degree in fine arts and degree from Tilburg, she went on to study fashion at the renowned Arnhem Academy of Art and Design. It wasn't long before she discovered that she loved to programme too, and was asked to create a digital structure for the company. That was ten years ago and since then she has looked after the company's back office from her current base in northern Italy; a local mountain, Gran Zebru, was the inspiration for our company name - reflected in our logo. Her background in arts and crafts enables her to help select colours and fabrics that give our furnishings a sophisticated edge. Like Katelijn, Lucia owns a whippet.

Front Office

Professional, informative and dedicated, Katelijn Stel is the face of our front office. Born in Amsterdam, Katelijn has international experience in the hotel business, HR and event management, even helping out with the popular TV programme 'Top Gear'. Katelijn lives in the heart of Oud-Zuid, so can advise on local amenities. She is always on hand to answer clients' queries. Property development is in her genes; her father is an architect and also leases apartments. By regularly visiting Zebru's properties as they are renovated, Katelijn has inside knowledge on each one. She is service-oriented, has an eye for quality, a passion for art and a great talent for organisation. Like Lucia, she owns a whippet.

Architectual View

Architect and Amsterdammer Michiel van Dijk has a personal passion to 'make the city more beautiful'. He studied architecture at the TU in Delft, and has been part of the Zebru team since 2008. Together with Katelijn and Lucia he tries to keep the exterior style of the properties in line with the architectural heritage of the area, and makes sure that all interiors use high-quality, modern materials that are easy to maintain. Michiel comes from a blacksmithing family and still practices the craft today, in a small workplace at his home. The wrought ironwork he creates a is common feature of the architectural style he loves: the Amsterdam School style, still very prevalent in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid. 'If I see a nice feature, as well as retaining it for the property I like to recreate it at home.' Michiel doesn't own a whippet.

Our Team

Lucia Kalb

Responsible for the daily management, long-term strategy and financial structure of Zebru

Katelijn Stel

Lives in the heart of Oud-Zuid, so can advise on local amenities. She is always on hand to answer clients' queries.